Basic Manners

Basic Manners

Having manners is expected and benefits everyone! If you have or know of a dog that could use some manners, then Basic Manners is the class for you. Teaching manners is fun and easy for puppies, and all ages of dogs (and people are welcome, too). Small class sizes guarantee individual attention while still getting the benefit of a group training atmosphere. Using positive training methods, this class is relaxed and allows you to move along at your own pace. All classes are held one night per week for 6 weeks at North St. Paul Animal Hospital. In Basic Manners Class, you will teach your dog the skills they need to be polite, which will eventually stop unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, stealing your unmentionables and pulling on walks.

We will work on simple behaviors such as sit, lie down, come, stay, touch, loose leash walking and other basic manners. We will also lay the foundation for teaching future behaviors by learning the mechanics of clicker training and shaping. This will give you all the tools you need to teach any behavior — simple or complex — in the future.


  • One Hour
  • Six Week Commitment
  • Behavioral Training
  • Small Class Sizes
  • All for $10000 /sesion

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